Social, Gamified Financial Awareness

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FInancIal LIteracy

Growth MIndset

Money Management

FInancIal Awareness


Crypto Assets


Financial awareness can be your next viral dance trend with ALPHA-3!

Learn, collaborate, earn and achieve your financial goals in a fun and social way – just like Addison Rae inspires us to be confident and creative on TikTok!

Join the ALPHA-3 movement and groove to financial awareness! 💃💰

Learn & Earn

Earn rewards while leveling up your financial awareness!


Finance is a team sport in ALPHA-3! Send quests to your friends.


Showcase your success and create your smart circle.


Achieve your financial goals with your squad on ALPHA-3!

Road map


Q1 - 2024

We made lots of research and we designed ALPHA-3


Q2 - 2024

We are developing ALPHA-3. We are attending many events and so excited to meet with Angel Investors and Venture Studios


Q3 - 2024

We will test ALPHA-3 with you. And we will go on introducing ALPHA-3 to Angel Investors.


Q4 - 2024

ALPHA-3 will be LIVE!
Lets Grow Together

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